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About J Care

JCare Staffing is a motivated healthcare staffing company providing healthcare recruitment expertise to a variety of Private sector communities.

We are growing rapidly as a direct result of referral from our loyal Clients . Our reputation is built upon high quality people and prompt attention to the challenges we are presented with . We consider ourselves an extended resource to Facility Managers and Owners.

We understand that our Clients' Reputation is paramount in the decision of people considering long term care . We emphasise the importance of compassion in addition to care for their own continuity and the building of our mutual Brands.

We conduct regular training in our own facility . We are responsive to changes in the nuance of our field . We are versatile and spontaneous in implementation of emerging regulatory requirements . We have the knowledge and experience to deal with new protocols promptly and in a manner that protects financial , operational and clinical needs of our Clients.

Most of all we love people ; our Staff, our Clients and their patrons.

With extensive Management experience in the Healthcare Staffing Industry my focus has always been caring. The residents of facilities see their environment as home and I have always reinforced that value to my staff. At JCare the sense of caring will encompass the staff. That is my commitment to everyone JCare connects with on all levels.

– Diane Pryor, CEO.